Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Empty Nest

Well let's see we finished up our house project.  Painted three rooms including the closets.  Put in new carpet in three bedrooms and flooring in the bathroom.   I still have one last project and that is to hang new doors.  I have 10 doors that I will be swapping out.  Over the years and with raising two boys, several of them are damaged.  Plus I think they are over 50 years old.

Yesterday was fun day.   After work I helped Clark get his furniture and other stuff moved to his new apartment.   It is not a very big place, a one bedroom.   We got everything moved, bed setup and TV hung on the wall.   He should be all set.   While I was there it had me thinking about when I moved out and how I got started off being on my own.  

I guess I can say that we are now officially empty nester's.  Doesn't' really seem much different as we didn't really see him much when he was living here.  We are lucky that both boys are still close to home.  Clark and Eric are probably about a half mile from each other and there are about three miles from our house.

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