Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You get nothing for nothing

Feeling pretty good about my progress this week, up to 24.2/Miles.   Today I took the quick route to work 2.5/Miles.   I didn't leave the house until 7:20am  but made decent time and was at the office at 8:10am, I was still the first one their.  Had an early call I needed to be on so couldn't be late.

Left the office at 5pm and took a seldom less traveled route.  Turned right onto W. Costillia St. and stopped into a carburetor rebuild shop.  Spoke with the guy working and wanted to see if I brought in my carburetor from the 31 Ford and a rebuild kit if he could do it for me.  He said he could so I will try to get it pulled and over to him.   I already have the rebuild kit so should be set.

On the way up Costillia I came across 3 decent sized bucks.  I took a couple of pictures from my phone but all three of them sucked.   I included one below, but you will really have to look to see them.  Made my way onto Pyrite Terrace and then up West Fountain Blvd.   Waited for the light to change on 21st and crossed over to Lower Gold Camp Rd down to Bear Creek Rd.   I caught the trail at the Nature Center and made my way back down to the house via the trail.  The trip back was 4.9/Miles and took me an hour and forty minutes.

We made a pizza for dinner, oh that reminds me.   When I was leaving the office there was a wreck at the exit from our office.  The Domino's delivery guy got tangled up with a car on 8th street.   Looked like everyone was OK.

These are the routes that I have taken this week.

Route log

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