Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vampire lovers in wild bikinis say uh huh uh huh huh uh huh huh

Up early and out the door, made the drive up to Denver and worked out of our Littleton office for the day.     The drive up wasn't bad considering we had gotten some snow the day before.   Drive time was just a little over an hour. I did remember to get the chicken started in the crock-pot before I left.

Got home this evening just a little after 6pm.  When I came up the stairs the chicken smelled great.   I peeled some potatoes and got them boiling.  Skimmed off some juice from the crock-pot for gravy.   Presto Shazam dinner was ready.    We had both Eric and Clark join us this evening.

Clark is heading out this weekend to go to the SnowBall Music Festival in Winter Park.  Looks like it will be a pretty awesome weekend.  I was checking out a few of the bands playing, a  little jealous I'm not going.  

Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad, today they celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary.  I didn't get a chance to call and congratulate them, will do that tomorrow.  They say that the longer people are married, the more they begin to look alike.  After 49 years you better start putting name tags in your underwear!  Happy Anniversary, We Love You!

No miles in today.  Leaving early and getting home after 6pm, I wasn't in the mood to go out or get on the treadmill.   Will try to log an extra mile or two tomorrow on my way to work and back. (Excuse Alert): The chicken was ready and I had to fix dinner.

Happy Hiking

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