Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One step at a time.

I missed out on getting entries in the blog over the last few days.   Nothing major to report anyway.   I have kept my walking up, not getting the distance in I would have liked to.  Up to 64.62 as of today, I really need to get after it if I plan on breaking a 100 miles this month.  From the chart you will see I have a few goose eggs.   Over the last couple of days, I have traded in my tunes for technical podcast    Downloaded podcast from IBM, Radio Liferay, and a few others.  I even made a couple of my own technical recordings, to help me get up to speed on some new products we are working with.

After work I walked downtown to meet Candy for dinner.  On my way I came across PT Cruiser, the likes that I had never seen.   Not sure what year it was, but it was customized and a pretty sweet ride.   I would never own a PT Cruiser, but I could drive one like this.  Nice rear fender covers, sun guard, fake side pipes, spot light.

PT Cruiser Custom
PT Cruiser Custom
A dug out my sketch pad and have been trying to practice my drawing technique.  I’m not all that good at it, but I enjoy doing it.   I took pictures and uploaded them and put together a little slide show. 

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