Saturday, March 30, 2013

I got me some uphill

Well looks like I will hit the 100 mile mark this month.   I managed to rack up some miles the last couple of days.   On Friday I took the long way home and was able to get 6.5 miles logged.   I came home through lower BCP.   I came through a section that had a long area of tall shrubs off to the right of the trail.  In the shrubs their were numerous birds.   The were whistling and chirping away.   I stopped and record the sounds on my phone.   It actually came out pretty well, I may have to make it my new ring tone.   On the way home I was on the hunt for Coyotes.   I didn't find any but I did find a what I think is Coyote den.   Will have to check this week and see if I can see any coming or going.

This morning we logged 5.8 miles by doing Section 16.   We haven't done this route in a while so it was nice to be back on it.   Guessing we saw 12 to 15 people today, including other hikers, joggers and a couple of bicyclist.   This trail has a pretty good incline to get you started and then a gradual decent.   As of writing this I can feel today's hike in my upper thighs.  I included our route today and the elevation profile.   I had forgotten to turn the GPS on when we left the trail head so that's why you see the gap.

We went out to see the new GI Joe movie.   It was OK, lot's of pretty faces and lots of action.   You can beat movie popcorn.

Just need to get 3.5 miles in and I will break a 100 miles.   Guess we will walk the dogs over to the dog park and make a lap or two.    Going to have to go early as we are having Easter brunch at McKenzie's Chop House.  I don't think either one of us felt like spending all day cooking a big dinner, as it's just Candy, Clark and I.  Eric has been out in Santa Monica visiting a friend and get's home tomorrow evening.   I tried to get us into the Cheyenne resort but the earliest they could seat us was 3:30 pm.   That's was just way to late in the day.

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