Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sinning in the name of rock and roll

Got out a little earlier today.  We hiked up through BCP and did the loop and back.  The lower portion of the trail was fine, but when we made the loop it was icy in spots and muddy in others.  Pretty slick conditions.  Came across a Chipmunk who stopped long enough for me to get a picture of him.    A little further on we came across a small tree with 6 Magpies.  As we walked up several of them flew off.  A little odd to see them grouped together.   When looking a little closer, a dead deer carcass was laying on the ground. .   Will have to check on the carcass over the next couple of weeks.  I need another skull for the backyard.    Made our way up to the top and snapped a few pictures of each other.  Round trip our walk was 5.03/Miles.   This brings the March total up to 42.69/Miles.  Just need to keep after it this week.  Now that we set the clocks forward, we will have a little more day light this will give me a little more time after work.  

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