Saturday, March 9, 2013

As the telling signs of age rain down a single tear is dropping

Slept in this morning, a little later than I had planned.  We made our plans for the day, we talked about going to see OZ but decided we would go on Sunday.  We both wanted to go for a walk and needed to go to the store so we decided to combine the two.   Left the house at 11:00 AM, and made the two mile walk over to Walmart.   I put on an empty mid-sized backpack so we could carry our groceries back home.  Didn't have much to get, mostly small items.

Magpies sitting on Deer
It was blowing snow on the way over and back, but nothing was sticking to the ground.   The wind was blowing pretty good, couple of times we were pushed back by it.   Round trip we ended up getting 4.66/Miles logged.  The image below is the elevation profile.  With today's distance that gets me up to 37.66/Miles since the first of March.  On the way home, walking up our street we came across two Magpies sitting on the back of a Deer.   From what I have read, Deer, Elk, Cattle will tolerate Magpies and let them feed on the ticks they find.

Today's post title comes from the song Savior by Rise Against.  This is the most played song in my iTunes library being played 167 times.

Candy made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and before we took off walking to Walmart we had thrown a roast into the crock-pot.   I took some clothes over the cleaners and then drove over to the shop and did a walk through.  Stood around and day dreamed for about 5 minutes and then left.

Happy Hiking

Elevation Profile

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