Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day - 2012

Wow, we just blew threw a three day weekend!  Be back in the salt mines tomorrow.  Candy has had a cold this last week so we pretty much hung around the house.  We did get out a few times to run errands.  Saturday a friend of mine met me at the shop at 8am and we wired in a new light switch for the overhead lighting.  Trying to figure out what lighting I want to put in now.  Need to do some reading up on installing lights and electrical.

For dinner I baked two small chickens, one I did with a red chili rub and the other with a package of Lipton onion soup mix.   I also made deviled eggs, a green salad and corn on the cob.   On top of that I baked 4dz chocolate chip cookies.  I Rock!

For the cookies, I followed the high altitude instructions.  They came out great but could have been better in appearance.  If I had to guess, I think I went wrong on not letting the butter soften enough or in the case not at all.  Still they turned out great, so I have been eating too many cookies the last couple of days.

Sunday, Candy and I went over the HD to get some sheetrock and plywood.   I got 4 4x8 sheets of each.  Grabbed insulation and a new sprinkler head, as the kid ran over one on Saturday when he mowed.   We unloaded everything over at the shop and headed over to the store.  We picked up what items we had on the list and then a few things.

I made cheese dip for dinner on Sunday.  It was ok, but the sausage I used and the jalapeños I added made it pretty hot.  Actually a little to hot!  Candy made it through a bowl and I managed to eat two.  We kicked back and watched a movie from Amazon.   We rented We Bought a Zoo.   Talk about a tear jerker, wow!  Not what I was expecting, this poor guy couldn’t get a break but he made it work.  After that we rented Battleship and for an action movie we both thought it was pretty decent.

This morning I ran over to the shop to see what I could get done.  I managed to get two pieces of sheetrock up and was ready to finish the insulation when I noticed I got the un-faced and I needed faced.  Well the just pissed me off.  I lifted one of the 4x8 sheets of plywood up on the studs to make the shelf.   This is going to look pretty awesome if I can get it done. Then I noticed it was already 12:30.  I headed home and showered real quickly.  We headed over to the Wild Ginger Thai Restaurant in Manitou.  The owner was having a baby shower and had invited us.   We got there at 1:15pm and the parking lot was packed.   We parked on a side street and walked in the back.   Guessing there was 75 to 100 people there and they had a big spread of Thai dishes, cheeses and desserts.   We sat in a booth with another family who was kind enough to give up one side.   They had a two year old, he ran his own auto-shop, she kept the books.  Nice people, just getting started.

For dinner this evening we grilled up hamburgers. I mixed in chopped onions and mushrooms with the meat when I made the patties.   Cut up a watermelon and heated up a can of baked beans.   Tasted great and we got the teenager to join us as he was home.

Over the last week, I have told myself I am going to get off my ass and go for a walk before work and or at least walk to work and back.  I haven’t done either.   I did pretty good on my diet last week and this weekend wasn’t terrible.   I did break down and have a Java Chip Frappuccino today.   Damn those are tasty.   So anyway I have to make the time and get out.  I know I would feel better and probably have more energy.  I have some new bands that I am listing to and worked up a new playlist this evening.   Tomorrow!

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