Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I had two meetings up in Denver today.  The first started at 7:30AM. So it was an early morning for me as I was up at 5:30AM.  Did the SSS and was dressed and out the door.  Made it on time for the most part, I was about 15 minutes late.   They did have a nice little breakfast, with eggs and sausage.  Can't go wrong with sausage, just ask all my Muslim friends.

Informatica was presenting on Agile Business Intelligence.  Decent presentation but not very well attended.   That's what I don't like about hosting events like this.   People have the best intentions but something always comes up and then they don't attend.  At 9:30AM the fire alarm went off. We didn't have to leave the building but the alarms were a little annoying.  I swear I didn't have anything to do with it.  Anyway we made it through alarms.  The content was good and I learned a couple of things.

We wrapped up at 11AM so I connected with two other co-workers and we met up for lunch.  We ate at The South Restaurant.  I had the special for the day and it happened to be prime rib.   It was ok, a little heavy on the rosemary in my opinion. 

From the restaurant we went across the street to the TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute) chapter meeting.  We had a team of six people in attendance and had a small table with sales literature and a few gimmies.   This event was very well attended.  We even had two of our current customers in attendance.

I left the meeting about 2:30PM and made my way back to Colorado Springs.  The traffic wasn’t bad and I was back by 4:00PM.   As soon as I pulled in the driveway I ran inside and changed into my hiking gear.   I did 5/miles up through BCP to Gold Camp and then down and around.  I had not walked the last two days and I have been beating myself up for not getting out.  Felt great and was glad to be out.  I stayed on the main trail for the most part but in a one place I did take a side trail.  Well I found a nice and complete Deer skull head.  It had been pretty gone over by other animals and insects, so gone over it was picked clean.

You don't come across to many finds like this and I had to have it, why I don’t know.  So I took my pack off and cleaned out an area where I could pack it and take it home.  I loaded it up and away I went.  When I got home I put it out in the backyard.  When Candy got home she noticed it out back and was OK with it.  The dogs all gave it a good once over and didn’t mess with it.  That is probably a sign that if the dogs won’t mess with it, that I shouldn’t be either.  Oh Well!

Happy Hiking

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