Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Twenty Nine

It was back to Denver today.  The trip up this morning took longer than expected.   I was moving along pretty good until coming into Castle Rock.  Traffic was at a snails pace and it took about 15 minutes to cover 2 miles.   A car was against the retaining wall and the front end was pretty smashed in.  A little further up was a pickup truck in about he same shape.  Looked like both drivers were OK, but pretty rattled.  I know I would be.  With the Police, the wrecked cars and two big tow trucks, we were down to one lane and everyone trying to merge together.  I got to the office about 9:30.  I started back to the Springs at 4:40, was home by 6PM.  The traffic back was heavy but everyone was moving at the speed limit.

I really didn't want to walk this evening, but I did a quick change and grabbed my hiking pack and was out the door before I could even talk myself out of it. Made my way up the street and into Bear Creek Park .  I started out on the same route that I had taken yesterday for about the first mile and then caught a side trail.  Today I can confirm how Bear Creek Park got it's name.   As I was hiking along the top of a gully I came around the bend and about 30 yards on the other side of the gully, it looked like a there was a deep hole on the side of the hill.  I had been through here before and never seen this.    Well this hole starts moving and get's up and starts walking away into the trees/shrubs.  It was a decent size black bear, he turned and looked at me for just a second, but he was gone.  It was 7PM, just about dusk.

I dug the camera out of the pack in the hopes that I might get another opportunity. After seeing him I started paying a little better attention.  I did find several piles of scat that had apple in it.  Not talking about a little apple but a lot.  I have seen a couple of crab apple tree's in the area.  Might have to head back over and see if I can spot him/her again.  Since I had the camera out I snapped a picture looking back towards the mountains.

So I am up to 29/Miles for the month.  Not bad, just need to keep after it.  The diet is going OK, I could do better but cookies keep showing up in the kitchen. :-)

Happy Hiking

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