Sunday, September 16, 2012

Late Sleepers

We slept in this morning, even with the alarm going off.   Turned it off and slept until 9am.  I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night watching Netflix.    I had a coupon for a free car wash and decided to run my truck over and wash and clean out the inside.   Before doing so I went over the Home Depot and grabbed a box of screws.  I looked around for awning support posts.   I need to replace the three post that support our awning out back.   Looks like I am going to have to find an awning or metal works works company.  Ok, It's on the list.  The other big item on my list is the basement bathroom.   I need to get the shower redone and a new door.  It needed help when we bought the house 12 years ago.   It has made it through two teenagers, but it's time to get it done.  Looking at going with

After getting the truck all cleaned up, I headed over to the shop and starting watering the tree's.   We have 5 that we planted last year.  They are doing well and this was probably the last time I will need to water them for the year.   It takes 10 minutes or more to water each one.   While waiting on the water I opened up the shop and fired up the Model A and drove it around to the side of the yard where the tree's are.   Gave the truck a good rinsing and drove it around the block and back into the shop.  Gave it a quick dry with a towel.   When I finished the tree's I set the sprinkler and fired up the vette.   Backed it out and locked up the shop.  Drove over to the car wash and cleaned up and headed home.

Candy was finishing up paying the bills.  When she got done we took the vette over and mailed the bills.  Then took a spin through Old Colorado City and up to Manitou Springs.  The weather was great today so it was a good day to take a drive out under the sun.   We pulled back into the shop and locked up the doors.  Turned off the water and headed home.

I plan on walking to work tomorrow and will take the long way and make up for not walking today.

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