Saturday, September 15, 2012


I had planned on getting out and walking this morning.  But when the phone rang at 7am and woke me up, I looked to see who was calling and it was a friend of mine, but I had missed his call.  Went back to bed and it rang again at 8am and I answered.  He was ready to help if needed it over at the shop.  I accepted his offer and made plans to meet at 9am.

When I arrived Marv, was already parked.  I pulled in and we headed inside.   I needed help as today I wanted to get the sheet rock hung and get the lighting wired.   I hung the last couple of strips of insulation between the studs and we started working o the sheet rock.   Once we got started we moved pretty quick.  Took a little time to get the measurements transferred for the cutout around the electric outlet and switch.

Once all the sheet rock was up, I started wiring all the lights together and then flipped the breaker and wired into the box.  Put bulbs into the sockets and turned the power on and we have light.   We put up two sheets of plywood on the top of the shelf.  I have once piece of sheet rock left and need two more to finish the ceiling under the shelf.   I would have had one on today but I ran out of screws.   I would like to get this done this coming week as I have pretty full travel schedule starting the following week.  Included are before and after pictures of what we got done today.

I got back to the house around 2:30.  I needed to get some miles in today so I asked Candy if she wanted to go walking with me.  She was up for it, so we did 2/miles from the house through lower BCP and back to the house.  That brings me up to 20/miles over the last six days.  We snapped a few pictures from the trail.  Candy got this nice shot of a coyote out in the field.  We are going to go fishing and take a drive through Phantom Canyon tomorrow and see some of the Aspen's.  Need to go get the poles ready.

Happy Hiking

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