Thursday, September 13, 2012


So it has been crazy insane at work these last couple of weeks.   I have found myself making numerous trips up to Denver, usually twice a week.  I have to admit I have been pretty lucky with the traffic.   I try to avoid the rush hour traffic so I leave early around 6:30 or mid-morning around 9:30.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining glad to be busy.  It’s an awesome team with very smart individuals and we are growing.

Looking back at the date of my last update, I have a few updates to catch up on.  I haven’t’ been to the shop at all this week.   I have gotten a little more done since my last update.   I decided to go with canister lighting instead of the 8ft Florissant lighting.   I put them in and have run all the wiring, but not connected them together yet.   Here is a picture of the latest.  I hope to get over there this weekend and get the wiring done for the lights and the sheet rock up on the wall.  These last couple of days we have finally gotten some much needed rain fall.   I have not seen it yet, but at the company BBQ today it was mentioned that snow had covered the top of Pikes Peak.   I found this link from the city maybe in the morning we might be able to see how much snow has fallen:

For the last week I have been trying to make a real effort to get some miles in.  I started a new diary tracking what I eat, my weight and how many miles I have walked.   For this week I am up to 13/miles. Candy is off tomorrow and plans to walk with me for half the way.   She was off on Monday and walked with me then as well.  I have put some new tunes on the IPod and made up a new playlist.  Most of the music I listen to is Rock or Alternative.   You will find a little Country and Pop in the list but they are songs with a good beat.    Here is what I was listing too as I walked to and from work today.

Here a some links to video's I could find of the songs I have listed above:
Placebo - For what's it worth

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