Sunday, September 23, 2012


On Saturday Candy had a hair appointment, so I decided to go hiking and then work over at the shop.   I loaded up my pack with the shop keys and the keys to the cars.  Started walking, I hiked over to the shop through BCP and then through Red Rock Canyon.   Managed to get 5.81/miles in.

Once at the shop I mowed the yard and got the water going.  On the inside I spent most of my time sweeping, cleaning and putting everything back in order.  Now that it is all clean I am ready to make another mess.  Took the Model A for a spin around the block and drove the vette over and got me a coffee.

When I got home from the shop, I showered up and we headed out to eat.   Went downtown as we have tickets to see the Colorado Spring Philharmonic play Led Zeppelin.  Had a nice dinner and then headed to the Pikes Peak Center.   The lobby was abuzz with people both young and old.   We found our seats and they were great, we were in a box just to the right of the stage and it sat 4.  The singer did a great job and sounded like Robert Plant.  Even tried to pull of the look, with long curly hair.

This morning we took a drive up Old Stage Road.  The first seven miles or so are washboard and will bounce you all over.   If you go, make your friend drive and take his/her car.   Parked at the St. Peters Dome parking area and headed up the trail.  This isn't a long hike at all, 2/Miles round trip, but you get a great view of the city once you make it up to the top.

With yesterday and today that get's me up to 39.42/Miles for this month.

Happy Hiking

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