Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday mornin, it was all I hoped it would be

For a Monday it was a pretty decent day.  I managed to get 5.5/miles in.  It is pretty easy to get the miles in when I walk to work and back.   This is the first time I have made this walk both ways in a couple of weeks.  It was cold and icy in some spots from the left over snow.   I was dressed for the cold so it didn't bug me.

On the way in I caught up on several technical podcast that I had been meaning to listen to for a while.  These podcast were on the IBM InfoSphere products.   More of a sales pitch on the products and not so much a technical presentation.

Had a good day at the office and got several items off my To Do list, but I think I added just as many new ones.

I left the office at 4:45pm as I wanted to get home before dark.   On the way home the sun was just setting behind the mountain    I took the picture above but it looked better through my orange tinted sun glasses.

Today's Hiking Route

Happy Hiking

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