Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey it's snowing!

Well we are getting some snow this evening, not sure how this is going to impact my work that is being done at the shop tomorrow.   The installers are coming from Denver and are supposed to arrive around 8am.   My guess is it will either be around 9am or they cancel.   We will see.

Tonight we made our weekly visit to the Village Inn Restaurant for dinner.  We have been going on Wednesday’s for about 5 weeks.  On Wednesday they have free pie.  A car friend of mine and his wife join us.  Makes for a fun evening!  On our way, It was snowing heavy and the streets were slick in some parts.  Coming home around 8:30pm they had closed 21st Street.   It is a pretty decent incline and I have seen a many rear and front wheeled drive cars stuck trying to get up the hill.   We had to go about 2/miles around to get home.

When we got home we had about 3 to 4 inches of snow and I decided to go ahead and get the driveway shoveled.  Will probably have to shovel again in the morning, but I would rather shovel two light loads instead of one heavy load.  Candy came out and took my picture as I was finishing up.

Happy Snow Day!

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