Friday, February 22, 2013

Scratch Insulation from the list

Hooray, it is done!  The insulators finished up this evening about 6pm.  They were at the shop this morning at 8:30 and I had everything ready to go for them.   By 2pm they had the ceiling done and just had one wall section remaining and then around the garage doors.   Anyway it looks great now that it is done and I can already tell the difference.   Once the ceiling was done the shop really started to warm up, just from the single kerosene heater that I have.

I helped out where I could as the gopher and kept the place cleaned up.   Glad it is done and now I can move on to the last section of wall that I need to sheetrock.  Going to have to call ADT and have them relocate the alarm.  That’s next on my list.   

This afternoon it started snowing again off and on, looks like we got about another inch.  I caught part of the news and I think we could see snow most of the weekend.   Bring it on!   Candy and I were talking about going hiking in the morning and we will need to dig out our STABILicers.  Don’t think we have enough snow to go snow shoeing but if it keeps up, we might get lucky.

Happy Hiking!

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