Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More work to do.

Yesterday I got a call from a company that I am working with that is going to insulate my ceiling and some area of walls that I didn’t sheetrock at the shop.   They said that they could start on Thursday of this week.    I now have some work to do in order to get ready for them.

Today I had to drive up to Denver for meetings and worked out of our office there.   Needed to be home before 5pm as I needed to get some kerosene for my in door heater that I use at the shop.   Got what I needed and spent about 30 minutes getting everything moved so they can get around installing the insulation.    I drove the Rav over and drove the vette home and parked in garage.

So I am ready for Thursday.  This is really going to help keep the heat in and allow me to work in the winter and get a few projects done.   I have several projects in play, but with the cold just haven’t worked on them.   One that I want to get started is a bench that I am refinishing and have some plans to incorporate some decoupage on the seating area.   Going to look pretty cool, don’t want to give too much away yet.

You probably saw my post about our dog Max.    Max was about 12 years old and was one of our first dogs as a family.  Clark was around five and Eric was about nine when we got him.   Max grew up with the boys and loved playing with them.   He wasn't the smartest dog in the world and could be hard headed when he wanted to be, but he was always ready to snuggle and be with you.   For the most part he minded and came when you called him.   He loved the water and dog treats, didn't like having his nails trimmed or shots and was only good for about a 2 to 3 mile hike at most.   He will be missed around here that's for sure. 

Happy Hiking

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