Monday, August 3, 2015

Sol Duc

Out on the road this week for a little time off.   We are spending the week up on the Sol Duc River.   We are planning to hike several trails in the area.

We flew into Seattle on Friday and spent most of the day in the city checking out the Pike Market.  It was packed with people.  I guess the Seefair was starting for the weekend.   We had the opportunity to see the Blue Angles as they practiced for the shows on Saturday and Sunday.  We made a stop at a quilt shop so Candy could grab another row by row pattern.  After the shops and lunch we visited the aquarium.  It was really nice, clean and lot's of great fish and sea creatures on display.  

On Saturday we started working out way up to rental house.  We stopped at three different quilt shops along the way.    Let's see it was Tacoma, Gig Harbor and Port Gables.  We picked up three more row by row patterns.

We pulled into Port Angeles and stopped at the Wal-Mart.  We picked up groceries and stuff for the house.  We then continued our journey.  We reached the house around 4PM, unloaded and pretty much moved in. 

On Sunday we hiked the Sol Duc River up to the falls.  It wasn't a long hike but decent for a starter.  Even with the water being way down it was still impressive, I can only imagine what is like when the water is high. We also found the Sol Duc River Hot Springs.   We are planning to do that on Thu or Fri.  We stopped along the way and did two other short trails in the park.  I think we finished up around noon and then we drove to Forks, WA to see what was going on.

We cruised the main drag in Forks and even found a couple of garage sales.  We were both ready for lunch and opted for Mexican food,  it was decent. On our way back to the house we stopped and visited the fish hatchery.  It was pretty cool to see some big fish.

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