Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hoh Rain Forest

Again we were out the door early and on our way to the trail head.  The drive today was about an hour and we arrived at the parking lot just before 8AM.  We walked the Hall of Mosses, Spruce Trail and the Hoh River Trail for about a mile and half and back.

It was great to be out early and we saw very few people.  It worked out well, as we were returning back down the Hoh River Trail we came across Elk eating on the trail.   We were able to get a few pictures.

When we returned the parking lot was nearly full.  We started our drive back and the amount of traffic coming in was pretty steady.  We drove back into Forks and had lunch.  Grabbed a few items at
the store and started home.   We did stop and do one more trail that followed the Sol Duc.  It was a short hike, about a mile.  Best thing about it, was as we were driving out, Candy spotted and Eagle.

The weather was awesome today.  Cooler than it has been.  Tomorrow we are going to Victoria BC.  Should be fun.

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