Friday, April 21, 2017

That sounds like fun

Looking forward to tomorrow, we have plans with Clark and Kirsten.  Our plan is to head down to Canyon City, play Frisbee golf and then stop in Florence to check out the Steampunk and Wine festival.  Should be a good time.  I already have the frisbee's, camera and my steampunk hat and goggles sitting on the table so I don't forget them.

Then on the way home, we thought we would stop by the trail head for the Beaver Creek Wilderness Area and see what information we can gather from the signage and do some looking around.  This is where we will start our hike up to Skaguay and then to Cripple Creek. 

It's Hummingbird time.  Earlier in the week, Candy said she heard a Hummingbird flying in the backyard.  They are easy to identify by the whirling sound they make when flying.  We made up some sugar water, filled the feeders and hung them in the backyard, same place as the years before.  Tonight we have two of them flying around in the yard and hitting the feeders.  They are so cool.  One of my favorites.

The cat is tripping out.  He doesn't know what to think or even what to do when they come flying in.  This is the first night I have seen them and he is already all over it.  The cat has is the eye's in the sky when I just stepped outside he was in his crouching tiger position with his eye's fixed on the hummingbird as it whirled around.  This should make for some good laughs because I don't think the cat stands a chance against the Hummingbirds.

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