Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Making it Happen

I mentioned that Clark and I are planning a big hike and I need to get after it and get my ass ready for this.   Well, it has been a good week so far.

On Monday I carried my camping pack to work and back.  Was able to get 5.7/miles logged.  The pack weighs about 30 pounds, so add that to the weight of my fat ass, that is a wide load.

I walked to and from work again today.  I opted for my smaller pack today.  Figure I will carry the big one every other day.  Candy and Pebbles accompanied me half the way.  Pebbles was happy to be out as it had been a couple of weeks.

Guess I should open up a spreadsheet to track my distance and what I am eating.  If I can keep after this for a week, then I will get that going, for now, it is just get out!

For Monday and Tuesday, I have walked 10. 9/miles.  I feel better and already to seem to have a little more energy.  Still, haven't kicked this cough, but getting closer.

I have been doing a little research for this upcoming hike that Clark and I have planned.   First off, I am super excited that he and I are going to do this together.  It will be a challenge and something neither one of will forget and a great story going forward if we make it happen.  We have to make it happen.

Our thought is to hike from Canyon City, CO to Cripple Creek, CO along Phantom Canyon Rd.  It is not a very often used road, it is pretty rough with washboards, rocks, and holes.  By car or truck, you have to move pretty slow, so it makes it a good hiking road.  You don't have to eat the dust of too many cars passing you by.

I also found another route that sounds a little more challenging. Hiking through the  Beaver Creek wilderness study area up to Skaguay Reservoir and then over to Cripple Creek.  This link is all I have been able to find: 


They talk about the Bears and the other wildlife, that sounds a little scary, but I am sure we will be OK.

This weekend I am head down to Florence, CO for the Steampunk festival.  Thinking we will visit the trail head in Beaver Creek and see if has more information about the route.   I have a couple of maps that should show this trail, but I have to find them.  Going to look now.

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