Saturday, April 15, 2017

Now I've done it.

I sat down, logged in, checked a few work items and then opened the blog to start my post.  Now I have forgotten what I was going to put to paper.  Must mean I am getting old. Ha

Today I turned the sprinklers on.   I have only found one issue so far and I think it was in a place I fixed last year, so I must have not done a very good job.   Guess that will give me something to do tomorrow.

I did get out and walked this morning, not far just a little over three miles.   Then I screwed with the sprinklers for a while and then headed to the shop.    I took the vette keys with me and dug it out and dusted it off.  Took it for spin and then headed back to the house.  Picked up Candy and we drove the vette over to Sonic to get a drink.

Worked in the yard and was able to get a bag filled with leaves from last year.  The Berry bushes are all starting to sprout so hopefully we will have a big crop this year.

I scheduled June 1st and 2nd off work.  Clark and I are going to do a big hike.   Going to have to start walking and taking my pack with me as I am in no shape to do 32+ miles.  Hopefully getting this on the calendar will get me off my ass and back on the trails.

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