Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fun Stuff

Both Candy and I are dealing with sinus crap now.  Lucky for me, I was supposed to travel next week and my trip got cancelled.   The meeting was rescheduled for a couple of weeks out.

I really need to get off my ass and walk everyday this week.   I am sure it would make me feel better.  Looks like the weather should be nice all week.

I did get a few things done around the house this weekend.   We haven't driven the Toyota for a while and two weeks ago I tried to start it and the battery was dead.   Brought the charger over and got it started.  Have been driving it around on our errands that we had to run.

When we were out in Kansas I picked up some metal that my dad had collected for me.   He came across a really nice ornate metal banister.  He also had several other items for me.

I got creative on Saturday and built a bird bath.   I mocked it up and then welded it all together.   Then I just cleaned up the bowl and then primed it and painted it.   It came out really nice.  This morning a robin was in it.  At first I thought it was a bluebird as the water and blue paint reflects.

Even though I am feeling like crap, I just couldn't sit around all day.  I headed back over to the shop and today I made up some new solar lighting holders.   I had four lights left from my chandelier project and needed to use them up.

I took four of the banister rods and cleaned them up and gave them a quick spray of paint.   Then I just added the lights to the top.  The yard looks pretty awesome as they all tie together

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