Sunday, April 23, 2017

Canyon City

It was a great weekend around our house.  On Saturday Candy, Clark, Kirsten and I headed down to Canyon City and then over to Florence.

Our first stop was in Canyon City for a little Frisbee golf.   We parked and unloaded.  No one was around, so Pebbles was off the leash.  Everyone did pretty decently, but we all need practice.  Candy had the shot of the day, she sunk a 30-yard putt.  Go, Candy!

The creek was full of some type of growth, that made it look like it was a nice grassy area.  Pebbles see's this and figures she will just walk on it.  Well, she tried and sunk about a foot into the water.  She was surprised.  But once in she was loving it.  Afterward, she was just a nut running circles around all of us.

Our next stop was Florence for some lunch and to check out the Steampunk festival.  As you can see from the picture above it was actually pretty cold out on Saturday.   When we were leaving the springs it was raining.  It was dry on Canyon City and Florence, but overcast and cool.

We found a parking spot just outside the restaurant in Florence.  We stopped in and had a bite for lunch.   Clark snapped a picture of me with my hat on.   You can see I am sitting by myself, maybe they were afraid to be seen with me.  LOL

After lunch, we got Pebbles out of the truck and walked over to the park to check out the festival.   It was OK.  I am guessing maybe 25 vendors, a couple of food vendors and a beer garden.  I did see some cool stuff and got a few idea's for some new projects.

Today was much nicer than yesterday.   I headed out about 9:30 and went and picked up a few things at the shop and filled a couple of gas cans.   I mowed, weeded and then blew all the grass off the patio.  Starting to look pretty good around here.  Things are starting to blossom and bloom.  The brown spots in the yard are starting to sprout grass.

Then it was time to detail the truck.  With Pebbles being with us yesterday, she left plenty of hair in the truck for me.  Headed to the car wash and vacuumed and washed the truck up.  Once I got it home I washed it again, but just hitting the grille and just behind the fenders and any other spots that I saw needed some love.  Cleaned the rims and sprayed the tires.  She looks brand new.

I already have my pack loaded and am looking at hauling it to work tomorrow.   I need to get some distance in and get used to the pack so I can make our big hike.

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