Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013! Here it is ready or not. Hard to believe that 2012 has come and gone, but it has.   I should probably do a retrospect posting, but I don’t see that happening or at least not this evening.   For New Years eve, we hung out at home and kicked back, worked on getting my task list updated and watched TV.   Watched the Ball drop in NYC and then hit the sack.

Did you make any resolutions?   If you did good luck to you and I am sure you can make it happen.  I made one and that is to spend more time working on my blog.   I figure if I can do that, it will keep me active and on the look out for new things to learn and share.

I have managed to keep pretty busy these last couple of days.   Spent Sunday at the shop working on the Model A and hanging on the new parts I got for Christmas.    I got it running and drove it out of the shop and it died.    I couldn’t get it started so I ended up using a chain and the Avalanche to pull it back in.   It was a trick doing it by myself, but I did it.

Once back in the shop, I hooked the charger back up to the battery.   I went ahead and pulled off the exhaust manifold and pull the exhaust pipe and muffler.   Pulled the carburetor off and am having a guy rebuild it for me.  Had to order a couple of other items and they should be here in a couple of days.  I am getting closer.

We went out this morning and did a quick two miles.   It was pretty cold out but we couldn't let that stop us from getting some miles on board for the first day of the New Year.   Candy snapped this picture of me this morning while on the trail.  

After got back we loaded up in the truck and drove over to the auction house.   They were having a big sale today.  The place was packed but we made our way through.   We found three items that we had an interest in.   We didn’t want to hang there all day so we placed absentee bids on the items.   No one called so I guess we must have been outbid.

It’s back to work tomorrow after having a week off.  I am ready to go and have lots to do.  I have a good feeling about what 2013 has the potential to be and plan on taking advantage of each and every day.

Happy Hiking

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