Saturday, January 19, 2013


Last week I picked up a couple new bands on iTunes.   I have been jamming out this week to The Last Vegas (TLV)    If you are into jamming guitar riffs and  sleazy rock tunes then you will probably like these guys.  My favorite songs include: The Other Side, Evil Eyes, Whatever Gets You Off, I'm Bad and more.  I have been listing to the 2009 album release called Whatever Gets You Off.   The album Bad Decisions was released in 2012

Another band to check out is Foxy Shazam  These guys seem like they would be cool to hang out with.  I really like their lyrics and the horns they incorporate.  The lead singer Eric Sean Nally, has a Freddy Mercury look going.  In the video's I have seen he is also quite the showman like Freddy was.  I downloaded the album Foxy Shazam released in 2010 and The Church of Rock and Roll released in 2012.

Happy Hiking

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