Saturday, January 5, 2013

Annie Oakley

I spent most of last night getting my firearms cleaned up and getting ready for our shooting outing today.   Before the holidays I had contacted the Pikes Peak Gun Club about setting up a time to come out and see the facilities and do some shooting.   A couple days later I got a call from a George Sturdevent and we worked out all the details.

We got to the range this morning just a little before 10:30AM.  We met with George and another instructor, Mr. Larry Lambert.   Candy and Eric have not had a lot of shooting experience so getting some personal instruction would be a good idea.   It was good a good review for me as well. We spent the first 30 minutes going over gun safety and proper handling.

We then headed down to the pistol range and setup our targets.   Both George and Larry brought additional guns with them for our use.   Both had two .22 caliber semi-auto pistols and Larry had a .45 semi auto.  I brought my 9 MM semi auto, .38 semi auto and my 9 MM semi-auto assault rifle.

The instructors worked with Candy, Eric and I and showed us how to handle, load and fire the weapons.   Candy and Eric had a blast and did a great job shooting and hitting the targets.  Both of them had great groupings.   I didn’t do too bad myself.

After we shot about 150 rounds we then headed back to the club house to get some coffee and warm up a little.   It was a little windy out and that made it a little cold.

We moved to the trap range next.   Candy hit her first three practice shots and I think Eric got two out of the three.   I managed to hit two out of my three as well.  We then took our positions and away we went.   Candy was shooting a 20 gauge and Eric and I were shooting 12 gauge shot guns.  Candy was doing so well, we decided to give her the nickname Annie Oakley.

We each shot five trap, and then moved to the next position and would shoot again.   It didn't take long to use up the 100 shells that I had brought with us.   We all had a great time, made some new friends and are looking forward to getting back out again to do some more shooting.   The only request they had from Candy and Eric is that we wait until it warms up a little bit.

All in all it was a great day and everyone had a lot of SAFE fun.

Happy Shooting

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