Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Left my boots at the office

Oh it was cold this morning.  How cold was it Dennis?  It was so cold that politicians had their hands in their OWN pockets!  Now that’s pretty darn cold, but I braved it and made the 3/mile walk to work.  Not wanting to deal with the cold tonight, I snagged a ride home from a co-worker.

This morning the auction house called and let me know we snagged an old stained glass window and frame from the auction yesterday.   Not having a car created a bit of a dilemma, luckily there is a young kid working at our office and he let me borrow his.

When I got home this evening I started working on the window.   I added a rope light behind the glass and mounted brackets for hanging.  Cleaned up the wood frame and oiled, wiped the glass.   I went ahead and hung it so I could get an idea of what it is going to look like when done.  I am going to have to build a box around the window so that I can get at least 3 inches of distance from the wall to the glass.  The plug for the rope light 2 inches long and the glass is up against the plug and won’t lay flat against the wall.  Guess that will give me something to do this weekend.  It looks pretty awesome!   If you come across any old stained glass windows, let me know as I am in the market.

Yes, I left my boots at the office when I left this evening.   Luckily I have another pair that I can use tomorrow.

Happy Hiking

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