Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What pants should I wear?

Ok, hold on, before we get into my pants, a quick update on my mileage status for the month. I didn’t walk to work today. Woke up a little late and had conference call at 8:00am. Getting to work at 8am is not the issue; it’s the 30 minutes in advance that I need to be there to get the laptop fired up running. If you run windows then you know what I’m talking about.

So for lunch I headed out to get at least two miles in. I only needed 1.63 miles to keep on my average of having 5/miles a day for the month. I ended up getting 3.29, bringing me to 51.66/miles for the month and 256.63 since I begin my logging on March 1st.

Only 838.37/miles left to reach my goal for the year! As long as I don’t take a spill in the mountains or taken out by distracted motorist, I should be able to make it!!

So what pants should I wear? Well I can only tell you what I have found to be the best. Over the last couple of years, I have worn jeans, shorts, sweats, just about everything. I found a pair of pants at REI (http://www.rei.com/product/761948) that I really liked.

REI Mistral Pants - They are great for both winter and summer hiking. Water repellent, wind proof, wash well, fit and look great either in the mountains or in the office. The polyester and spandex blend gives them stretch when you’re climbing or stretching to reach that next step. Easy to sleep in and keep you warm at night. I have several pairs and wear them just about every day when I can. If you do a lot of hiking/walking or just occasionally I would recommend you get a pair. Being comfortable when hiking 3 to 15 miles, definitely makes the trip easier.

So the cons to these pants are the price and location manufactured. Pricey at $99.00 a pair (but worth it) and they are made in China.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis- I explained everything to Nick- no worries.

Hey let me know when you start making money from the advertising. Hell I will sleep in a hammock and wearing parachute pants!

The pictures are great.

Happy Trails,