Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life Taken

I have to say I have seen some pretty wild shit in my 43 years. And today once again I learned the meaning of survival of the fittest. Ok, so we all have to eat, but it really hits home when you actual see nature in action. This evening at about 5pm the wife and I were out in our front yard. Today was overcast and very cool for June 28th. She was watering the plants (aka Deer Food) and I was on my way to the garage.

When out of no where, from across the street a hawk came flying directly at us. As it approached the yard it swooped down and in a cloud of feather snags one of the baby robins that was sitting on the ground, hunkered down in the grass. Neither of us new the baby robin was there. When the hawk hit the baby robin, feathers flew everywhere like a smoke bomb had gone off. As quickly as the hawk had hit the robin, it was on its way back across the street with the baby robin in its talons. On its tail was the mother robin who had realized what had just happened. And in an instant the hawk was gone.

All that remained was a circle of feathers lying on the ground. At first it was very shocking and a little hard to believe what had just happened. We looked around for the other babys or feather piles, but didn't see anything. I have looked the last couple of days and have not seen anyone in the robin nest.

Afterwards we ate a smoked brisket that I had started at 6am this morning. We all have to eat.

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