Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Life

I searched the web to see if I could find the most common month in the year that animals are born. I couldn't’t really find anything or at least not what I was looking for. Not being a subject matter expert, I am going to take a wild ass guess that it is June.

I had written about the robins nest earlier this month and have been checking the nest each morning and night. Well this morning I got my first glimpse of the newly born chicks. From what I can tell their are three of them so far. This is the best photo I could get. This is from this morning and I took several this evening but the lighting I needed was gone. I hadn't looked at the pics from this morning, the sun was in my eyes when I took the shots and didn’t expect them to look all that great. This one actually came out pretty decent and I cropped from the original to get the one shown.

Around the first of the month I was walking to work through Bear Creek Park and I came across two coyotes on the right side of the trail about 30 yards away. And from the left side of the trail, down by a creek, I could here young pups crying. I stopped and watched the coyotes on the right and then they began howling. I guess I was blocking their way back to the pups.

Since seeing the coyotes I started carrying the camera because I wanted to get a picture of one. Well that was about two weeks ago and I haven’t seen any since. The morning that I did see them I had to be to work early and was probably one of the first on the trail. Another reason to leave early and be the first one out!

And finally, on Monday of this week I came across this little guy, which is probably about two weeks old at most. The doe actually had two fauns, but I was only to get a picture of one of them. I had seen them about a week ago in our neighbor’s yard across the street. The neighbor actually feeds the deer and this is about the fourth year in a row that fauns have been born in his yard.

Yeah their really cute when they are young and have spots. Oh so precious, well guess what they need to eat. All of your nice little perennials and annuals are all up for grab on this smorgasbord of colorful vegetation. Money well spent at your local greenhouse so that you could feed these cute little bastards.

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