Thursday, June 19, 2008

I think I can, I think I can

Tomorrow should be a big day for me. I am about to break two records. The first is crossing the 300/Mile mark since I started tracking in March. I am at 298.6 as of this evening. The second is if I can get at lease 6.5/Miles in tomorrow then I will have reached a 100/Miles for the month.

Tonight I did 5.4/Miles. I did the Red Rock Canyon area. Not sure why I don’t do this trail more often as it is such a pretty area. Traveled light today as I wanted to move quickly, no pack, water or camera. Should have taken the camera.

Overslept and had an early AM meeting or I would have walked to work today instead. It all worked out.

On Monday I came across this bad boy on the trail to work. It was about 6:40am. This will wake you up, when you come around the bend and run into him.

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