Sunday, February 12, 2017

Steak Soup

Slow start this morning and not sure why.  I guess we stayed up to late watching Saturday Night Live mock our leaders and what a fine job they do.  Trump and his team are a bunch of clowns and they deserve it.

We did get out of the house and went and hiked up to GCR and back.  It was colder today compared to what we have had the last few days.  Had a light dusting of snow and when we left the house it was in the low 30's.

I took the camera with me today as I was hoping to get some decent pictures of the wildlife and the scenery.   I did manage to get a few good pictures and of course some pictures of Pebbles.

We could hear lots of birds chirping but none of them would really participate in a photo opportunity.  I did get a few, a Steller Jay, Tohee and a few finches.  Those darn Stellers just won't hold still long enough.

Being that the weather had changed so much from yesterday, there was no one out.  It was nice as we just let Pebbles run all around and sniff everything out.  She had a blast.

It was a great morning to be out.  The clouds were hanging low and you could hardly see the mountains in the background.   

When we got home we loaded up and headed back out.   We ran over to Clark's and dropped off some mail and we cut up a storage box for his cat's litter box.   We did one for our cat and it really helps keep the litter together and not on the floor.   He had a table that needed to have a few screws tightened so we did that as well.

Then it was off to the store.   Yesterday I dug out the leftover prime rib that we had for Christmas and set it thaw out.  We grabbed some vegetables and a few other needed items.   When we got home, I got to work cooking up some steak soup.

It is smelling awesome and I am so ready to eat.  Will be another couple of hours but well worth the wait.

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