Friday, February 17, 2017


I am still at it.  Tracking my miles and my food.  I already see a couple of places where I can cut back (beer), that would help me loose weight.  But beer is so good and from some of the recent articles it is good for you... LOL, great excuse.

So the big news for today!  Candy, Pebbles and I headed out this morning and she walked me half way to work before making the turn back home.   As I was still walking she texted me a picture of a Bobcat that was walking through out neighborhood.   I have been here 20 years and never seen one, but there it was.   She tried to get a photo, but she was so freaked out by what she was seeing that it didn't come out very well.

I am so jealous that I wasn't there with her.  So glad that she didn't come across it and a threatening situation where it could have attacked.  She said it just swagged across the street, like it was Donald Trump and that everyone and everything could just kiss it's ass.

This is the picture, not great but this was a big ass cat.

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