Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where to begin

As the title states "Where to begin"  I have so many things rushing through my head, from work to my dinner this evening and the shit that is going down with ISIS, our president.  The list goes one.

First and foremost I would like to encourage you to sign up for the #‎Journey2aMillion‬ to help fight childhood cancer.   Please see the information below that I borrowed from a co-worker whose son battled cancer.

"Join ‪#‎Journey2aMillion‬ all September for a virtual walk/run/ride for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. No cost to join a team, you just log the miles you already walk, jog, run or ride. If you use any of these apps/devices: MapMyFitness/MapMyRun/MapMyRide/MapMyWalk/MapMyHike/MyFitnessPal/PowerTap/Garmin/Fitbit/Jawbone/Nike+/Polar/Timex/Magellan/Fitbug/Suunto/Withings you can create a free MapMyFitness account & import/link from the one you already use. Please share/recruit others and join our team here: Please share and thanks to those already on the team!"

Seems to me it would be a hell of a lot better for you to get out and walk/run/ride and get a little exercise instead of dumping a bucket of water over your head.  Not only that but if I read the FAQ correctly, about 86% of the funds received go the help fight childhood cancer.

I am up to 14/miles for the month.   This challenge is just what I needed to get me walking and logging some miles.

I think I will stop here as I don't wan't to throw in a bunch of negativity combined with something that is so positive.

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