Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14th

OK, so with the title being today's date you might be asking why?  I did't see any Humming Birds today on the feeders.   I will check again in the morning before I leave, but usually we see them both morning and evening.  I didn't see any today. (Sad Face).  So I wanted to get this down, so I can track when they leave again next year and have a reference.  Nerd!

I crossed the 50/mile mark today for my walking for the month.   Pretty excited about that, but still fat.  We walked up to the top of GCR and then caught the trail back down.   Mable went with us and did well, although she was looking for shade on the way home.   I am starting to wonder about her, she lost her footing at least twice that saw,    I noticed it again at home to.  As I write this she is standing next to me with her squeaky.  I have thrown it about 5 times and she keeps bringing it back.

It will be tough for me to get some good mileage in on foot this coming week as I am traveling and will be in Austin Texas and Chicago Illonios.  I will have to adjust my schedule some to make it happen.   Need to check the weather so I know what to pack.

I have a few projects on my list.  The first being a quilt ladder.   Candy is hooked on Pinterest, and  has been coming up with all kinds of recipes, crochet patterns, design ideas and so much more.  I am planning to build some quilt ladders, so if you want one let me know.  We are going to put one on the living room in the corner behind the recliner.   Should look pretty good as Candy has a couple of quilts that her Mom made.

She also want's me to make her a heart shaped mirror out of the old fence wood we have collected.   I couldn't find any examples so I might be onto something.

OK, need to go finish packing up for my trip.  Have an awesome week!


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