Sunday, September 7, 2014

30 Miles

I crossed the 30/mile mark for the week this morning.   We did 3.6/miles up and around through BCP.  It was a nice morning but the temperature was going up fast.   Its just a little after 2:30 in the afternoon and now it looks like it might rain again.  Actually just heard some thunder in the distance.

Yesterday I washed up the outside of the truck and today I took it over to the shop and detailed the inside and the outside.   Figured I would just leave it parked at the shop, since I am going to try to walk everyday this coming week.  It looks pretty good!

I have been keeping a spreadsheet with my miles starting this month.   I included the Graph below for the first seven days.  I hope to be able to pound out just as many this coming week, because after that I will be traveling again for the next several weeks.

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