Sunday, September 28, 2014

Let's Clean House

I guess today was a day for cleaning up around the house.   We have a big stack of stuff that we were going to put in a garage sale, but instead decided to just donate it to the ARC and take the tax wright off.  So tomorrow they are going to come and pick it up and haul it off.  I had to move it all out to the driveway and  have it covered with a tarp so it should be fine over the night. I spent most of the day cleaning around the house.  I started with the garage and swept it out and then mopped up the sticky spots.  I think I filled one of the trash cans with crap that needed to be thrown out.  On top of that I think I swept up a couple pounds of dirt.

I then turned my attention to the back patio.  I pulled all the chairs, tables, etc. out into the yard and swept up the leaves and acorns.  Once I had all the big stuff off, I used the leaf blower and blew off all the little stuff.   Then I grabbed the hose and washed of the patio and then replaced all the furniture I had moved.   Looks damn good, to bad it will only last a day or two.

Took the RAV4 over to the shop and parked it.  With all the crap we had stored in the garage we haven't been able to park it inside.  So I parked it over at the shop.  We have been using the RAV when we have to go to Denver.  The boys use it more than me, but better to put the miles on the RAV instead of our daily drivers.  It just turned 100K and still runs great and looks great.  We have taken really good care of it and I bet we can get another 100K out of it.

Yesterday  we mad a trip up to Cripple Creek.  A excluded a few photos as  thought they would be best on their own.  We still have active gold mines in the area and we passed one on the way up.   Things have definitely changed over the years on how they go about getting the gold out.

After I finished all my work around the house I finished off my center pieces for the upcoming party. They look pretty awesome!  I just need to spray them with a matte finish and they should be ready to go.   I think they look pretty cool and I hope that everyone who attends will find them just as cool as well.

I think the KISS one came out the best.  You can't see it in the picture but the band members wrap around the holder.

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