Sunday, September 21, 2014

Living the Rock Star Life

I have always been such a big fan of music.  If you pull up beside me at a stop light, the windows are down and the music is loud and I am usually rocking out.  If I am at home cleaning or working in the shop the music is loud and I am rocking.  Music is great for your soul and personally I think it keeps you young.

So since I have been in the consulting/IT business for the last 20+ years, I have traveled just about everywhere in the US.  I have had my music with me every trip I have made.  So in a way, I look at myself as a rock star out on the road touring every time I go out.  It has been a tough life, but I wouldn't trade it.   I often get asked about being gone all the time from family and friends and yes it is tough, but it is the job.

This last week was no different.   I left on Monday, spent three days in Austin TX, and then traveled up the Chicago for two days.   Didn't get home until Saturday mid-morning and yes I was glad to be back home.  I think I am home for a couple weeks and the off again to Boston.  As I was coming home on Saturday, they were having a big to do in the park.   I told Candy about when I got home and she asked mother google, and it was Pawtoberfest.   We put the leash on Mable and headed down to the park.   Checked out the vendors and had a little lunch while Mable sniffed ass and pissed on just about everything she could find.  I was a little envious.

When we got back I started working on a little project for my upcoming birthday party.  Even though I have sent request out to all my favorite bands to come, I haven’t received any replies.   I am sure that they are just busy and that’s why they haven’t gotten back to me.   So I was talking with Candy and she suggested that I make some center pieces for the tables.   After thinking about it we came up with a cool idea.   Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I was playing guitar and I had a subscription to Guitar Magazine.   Being the hoarder that I am I never threw them out, and have used them over the years for various projects.

We ran over to the dollar store (one of my favorite places) and picked up some glass candle holders.  We brought them home and I started going through my old mags to see what artist I wanted to use.   I cut out enough to make eight of them, but may need a few more.  The first thing I did was to cut out the music tablature for each artist and then there picture.  With my handy decoupage I began gluing them all together.    I have to say the first three have come out pretty fucking awesome.

In the picture above we have the following:  The music for Sweet Child O Mind from Guns & Roses and a picture of Slash.  Stevie Ray Vaughn with the music to Mary Had a Little Lamb and Van Halen’s You Really Got Me Now, with a picture of Eddy Van Halen.   I think these are going to looks AWESOME!  I have several more to do which include, Skid Row, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Hendrix and a few more if needed.  I don't think you will find anything like this out there. First off the magazines are 20+ years old and to tie the music the artist is pretty cool in my opinion. In twenty more years this will be some pretty awesome folk art.

When I finished up I headed over the shop and started the old Model A's.  I am trying to keep the batteries charged so I don't have to charge them up every time.  I called my buddy and he had a small project he was working on and needed some help, so I ran over to his house for about an hour.

This morning I had planned on going hiking but I was wasted from the previous week and slept in.   We got up and left the house about 10:30 and drove down to Pueblo for the chili festival.  Not the chili with beans, but green chili's.  The first thing we did was to purchase two bushels of peppers.  We got one bushel of Pueblo Hots and one of Anaheim Mild's.    We had to wait in line for about an hour to get both and once we got them we took them back to the truck so we didn't have to carry them around.

We went back and checked out all the vendors and they had a lot of them.   Had a great time and ate lots of food with green chili's in them.    When we got home we cleaned and bagged the two bushels we had bought and I am looking forward to cooking up some green chili through the winter.   Good shit, especially the way that I make it.  The festival must have been a huge success as there were several hundred/thousand people there today.

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