Monday, July 1, 2013

Relax my ass

Not that I need to relax my ass, although Candy would say I need to when it comes to spending money. Yesterday we hung out by the pool and then grabbed a cab to take us to Paradise Village.  We got a coffee and hung out and watched the people scurry back and forth.  We decided to walk back and it was a little further than what we thought.  I don't know the exact kilometers but it took us a good 2/hours so I am guessing about 6 miles.   I was soaked from the sweat and probably smelling a little rank, but we made it.

When we got back we headed down to the pool to see who could drink the most rum and cokes!  We sat at the swim up bar and I think we tied at 7 each and then stumbled back to the room.   Showered and changed and then it was off to dinner.  The food has been great so no complaints from me.

Today we were up early and caught a cab to take us to the pick-up for our ATV adventure.  Our ride never showed up at the pick-up point so we grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel.   When we arrived I checked in with our tour guide and told him it was 10AM and I wasn't riding ATV's.   He got on the phone and about twenty minutes later he had a ride for us from the hotel to the ATV company at no cost.   When we got to the ATV company they had a very mucho special trip for us as they had made a mistake.  We got

checked out on our ATV's and away we went.  The first part of our trip was through town and then we were on the trail up into the mountains.   The area we were in was a very depressed and I am sure it was a rude awaking for Candy and Clark.  After a good 40 minutes we were close to the top and we stopped at this little hut where they gave us free beers for the screw up and then they fed us lunch.

Following lunch we had a tequila tasting, we tried about six different types.   Man you have to love Mexico, the rent you ATV's and then load you up on beer and tequila!  The place we stopped at was pretty cool!  It was on the river and had several large natural swimming pools.   We opted to sit down by the
water and ate our food and drank our beer.  They had lime, avacoda and several other fruit bearing trees.  Candy wanted to get her picture with this fruit and I will be damned if I can remember what they called it.   We saw lizards, a snake and several wild dogs.   I tried to get some pictures of all the butterflies that were buzzing around, but no luck.

After lunch we made our way back down the mountain!  Driving through town was an experience, but we all made it.   Once back we walked down to the coast and checked out a few shops before finding a cab and making the 40 minute trip back to the hotel.   When we got back it was back into our swimming suits and
back into the pool.  Tonight we had a reservation for the steak house located on the property.   It was nice and the food was good!  Even better when it is all-inclusive and you don't have to pay.

Every night they have a show, the first night it was a ballet.  I think last night they had a rock band and tonight it was a tribute to Michael Jackson.   We plan on keeping it low key tomorrow and getting boogie boards for swimming in the ocean and the off to the market.

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