Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time to relax

We left the house at 7:45 AM and headed over to pick up Clark's friend Zachary.   Got on the highway and headed up to DIA.   Traffic was light this morning, which was nice.  The last couple of days it has taken me 2 hours plus to get up to or back from Denver.   We arrived at DIA about 10:30 AM and began working our way through the maze of people, United Airlines screwed up check-in process and the joy of our government s attempt to make you feel safe, by having you go through silly procedures.

Our flight left on time and a couple of hours later we were on the beach in Puerto Vallarta!   Traveling through a Mexican airport is fun, as you arrive and get through customs, they are ready to start selling you time shares, etc.  We made our way through the fast pitched sales efforts and found our driver to take us to the hotel.

We are staying at the RUI Palace Pacifico and so far so good.   We checked out the pool and took a stroll up the beach.   Tonight we ate at the buffet and it was very tasty and lots of items to choose from.   It is all inclusive so I am sure that this is going to kill my diet.  It’s hot though, so maybe I will lose as much as I gain.  We lost Clark and Zachary after dinner, I am sure they are finding plenty of things to keep them occupied.  They have a room to themselves and the mini-bar is free.  On the wall above the fridge is four bottles of liquor for mixed drinks and the fridge is stocked with beer.  Free room service, oh man we are set.   Free Internet is included so I got everyone hooked up this evening.  If you need to reach me text or email me.

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