Thursday, July 18, 2013

So far so good.

Yesterday I walked to and from work and today I walked from the mechanics to the office and then took the dogs to the dog park.   Feels good to be getting back into the groove.   I need to get my ass in the groove and actually need to step it up.  I did keep a look out for snakes yesterday when I was going through BCP, but I didn't see any.

At the office today I saw a really cool moth.  I actually saw two of these, both about the same size. One took off before I could get the camera ready. They were both the size of my hand.   I checked with Google and I think it is a: Big Poplar Sphinx (Pachysphinx occidentalis)

So I had mentioned that I finished my shop project.   I was looking back and it took me about two years to get it completed.   Big thanks to Candy and the boys for their helping hands and my buddy Marv for volunteering his time and providing me a few pointers Overall it looks pretty good, if you don't look to close.  Glad to have this behind me as I have several other projects to get done.

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