Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Agent, Promoter, Manger, Critic for Hire

So I mentioned that I got some new tunes for the iPod.   Well I have been rocking my ass off the last couple of days, and I LIKE IT!   Tonight I was looking at music videos from Babylon Bombs and Pop Evil on the YouTube.    I like a few of the tunes from Babylon Bombs, but I am not as stoked about them after watching a couple of videos.   In the 2006 video Hometown Hero the lead singer changes shirts twice, going from a Poison to a Crucified Barbara t-shirt and the lead guitarist changes shirts at least five times.   Subliminal messaging at its best, but not sure what the message is, listen to more Poison? I did have to look up Crucified Barbara, this is a female glam rock band out of Scandinavia.  My advice to both Babylon Bombs and Crucified Barbara would be to consult you glam rock consultant before you take another run at the US.   First off, both bands need a make-over.  The lead singer from Babylon Bombs is just kind of freaky looking.  Too much make-up, the hair, just not sure but something has to change. Your videos with all the shirt changing and apparent lip syncing just don’t make a good music video.   You play some cool riffs with good lyrics, but don’t look like you have your heart into it. 

Pop Evil, now these guys rock.  They are playing in CSprings this week at the Black Sheep.  I checked out the line-up and Pop Evil, is really the only band that I would want to see.    In the video Boss’s Daughter, they have enlisted Mick Mars from Motley Crue for a cameo.  Really not needed the song stands on its own.  In the video, I think the last thing anyone is looking for is Mick.  If you check them out on the YouTube you will find other videos.

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