Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today, Candy and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.  Doesn't seem like 26 years have gone by but they have.   We celebrated by going out to dinner this evening, reminiscing about the years.  Love you babe!

Being that today is August 1st, I built yet another new spreadsheet to start tracking my distance, meals and weight.   Speaking of which, I need to go add what I had for dinner.   I walked to and from work today and it was good to be out.   I plan on doing the same again tomorrow.   I have the rain poncho with me as it has rained just about every day in the late afternoons.  Not much of a rain but enough to get you wet.

I have seen several large moths of different types this year.   I came across two today, one at work and one here at the house.   The brown one on the right is from the Sphinx family and I believe the other is as well.

Like I said we are finally getting some rain, which is nice.   The rain has sure helped green things up around here.   I snagged a few pictures on my way to and from work today.

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