Friday, June 15, 2012

Returned to the wild

Two days had passed and I was unable to get the pigeon in the chimney to move.  I had assumed it was dead.  But alas, last night I heard him/her flapping and decided to give the rescue attempt another shot.

I stripped down and actually had to get most of my body into the fireplace.  I used a coat hanger that I bent up so that I could get behind the flu.   Several attempts finally got some movement and with my other hand I tried to grab the pigeon, the first attempt resulted in a handful of feathers.   The second attempt I was able to grab him/her and pull it out.

It was a full size pigeon; I took it out in the back yard and sat it on the bird bath.   It sat there for about 30 seconds and then flew off.   So I guess it was ok, it could fly, probably a little in shock.

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