Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mt. Rosa

Sunday June 10th is Eric’s 21st Birthday.  We had talked about making a trek to Cripple Creek but we settled on doing the Mr. Rosa loop.   I picked him up at 4:45 AM and we were in the parking lot and headed out by 5:15 AM.

We moved at a slow steady space for the 6.77 miles with an elevation climb of 5131 ft to the Mt. Rosa summit.  We arrived at 9:30 AM and sat atop while we ate the bagel sandwiches Candy had made for us.  We snapped off a couple of photos and after catching our breath we headed back down.

Just after leaving the summit we came across four couples who were working their way up.   They must have come up the back side of the mountain.  Other that them we didn’t run into any else until we were on Seven Bridges almost back to the parking lot.

Working our way down the west side of Mt. Rosa we encountered Moths.   I am not talking about a couple Moths for about three miles we came across, I don’t know, hundreds of thousands, millions, a shit load!   I tried to get some pictures that would capture what we saw but nothing came out.  Here is a link ( ) if you are interested in Moths/Millers and where they come from and causes for over population.  The warm winter that we had must have allowed the cut worm to go crazy.

The loop took us 14.3/miles today and took us about 8/hours.  Not one of my best times.  Considering the elevation gain and the fact that I haven’t done any distance hikes lately I can live with that time.

The way down was hot!  I think today has been one of the hottest we have had this summer.  The heat was just bouncing off the trail and back up into your face.   I ended up with a little sun burn and so did Eric.

I picked up some new tunes for the hike, four new bands:

Each one of them, have some decent tracks.  One song that really sticks out to me is Adelitas Way – Somebody wishes they were you.  Here is a link to the song on youtube:

Check out Sick by them while you are there.

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