Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pigeon in the Chimney

Just returned home from a car show this evening, there is a group that meets on Tuesday’s at Culvers http://www.culvers.com/restaurants/colorado-spring-lake-plaza .  When we got home from work, we were trying to decide what to do for Dinner.   Remembered about the meet up at Culvers, so we dusted off the corvette and headed to the show and dinner.

About twenty cars all together of different makes, models and years showed up.  Two other corvettes were already there, a 1962 and a 2005.  I got a lot of nice comments and answered a few questions about the car with other enthusiast and customers.

For showing up the owner of the Culvers gave us a card that gets us 10% off our order anytime we go in, so that was cool.

I had gotten home earlier than Candy this evening and I was sitting in the living room on the phone and I heard what sounded like squirrels running over the top of the house.  But this time is was louder than usual.  A few minutes later I heard it again and then again after that.   When I finished my call it happened again.  I went outside and looked and didn’t see anything on the roof.  When I came back in I heard them again.   I walked over to the fireplace and it happed again only louder this time.   I opened the doors on the fireplace and looked in, didn’t see anything.  It was dark so I found a flashlight and stuck my head in and look up the chimney and there was (and still is) a pigeon sitting on the flu.

It was trying to fly back up to get out, that’s what I was hearing.   I tried to reach up and grab it so that I could get it out, but when I did it dropped down behind the flu and now I can’t get to it.  I bent a hanger to see if I could get it back to a place where I can catch it but that didn’t work.   Not sure what to do now.   We decided to leave the doors open with the hopes it would come down and out.   I don’t really want a bird in the house but I don’t want a dead one in the fireplace as that will smell the place up.   I may end up having to call Billy the Exterminator to come over for this Job.

More to come on the Pigeon story, I will let you know how this all plays out.

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