Monday, June 5, 2017

Wichita Trip

The last several weeks have just been a blur.....    Moving really fast and trying to get a lot done.  Work has been crazy and the home front just as much.  

We were in Wichita for Memorial Day.  We did some work on the house and spent time with family.  We added new dirt around the foundation trying to keep the water away.   I had 13 tons delivered and we used a wheelbarrow and then my dad had his tractor over and was to able to move dirt where we needed and Candy and I would shovel it out.  That's a lot of dirt and was one hell of a workout.

With the help of my dad's tractor, we were able to do some demolition.  There were several dilapidated chicken houses, an old hot tub and decking and a lot of other shit.  We were able to get it all piled up and hopefully have some trash removal coming in the next week or so.

For Memorial Day I smoked a brisket, salmon, and trout.   Got the brisket going around 8 AM  and put the fish on at 11 AM and pulled it off an hour later.   It was perfect.  I have always loved the salmon but have to say I think smoked trout is my new favorite.  We had some cheeses and crackers to go with the fish.  It was a great lunch.

The brisket was done around 5 PM and wow this was one of my best.  Came out super moist and tender.  Had a couple of sides and it was a great dinner.  I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Parents had the pool open, so we were able to jump in and cool off.  The water was still a little cool, but it felt great.

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