Sunday, June 18, 2017

Berry Madness

Last year's berries plants all came back this year and it looks like it will be a record harvest.  We should hopefully have enough to be able to make raspberry and blackberry jams.  Jam making will be a first for me.  The grouping on the left is raspberry's and the flowering plant is the blackberries.  You can't see it from this picture, but further down there is another raspberry bush and another blackberry. 

Being that plants are doing so well, I decided to start two new garden area's and add some new plants.   Along the fence, I planted five blackberry's, two red raspberries and two yellow raspberries.   I planted them two weeks ago.  Been a while since I have made an entry in the blog.  I added some edging and mulch and it came out really nice.  Mowing along the fence was always a pain in the ass.  So with the new garden, we won't have to deal with mowing on the slope and the fence.  Better yet the sprinkler system will keep them wet, so I shouldn't have to hand water them.  From the time I planted to today, they have really taken off.   I won't expect much out of them this year or next, but year three they will really start producing, that is if I can keep them alive.   They get good sun for most of the day.

Then I moved my attention to our rock wall.  They are hard to see, but behind the berry plants I expanded the garden and planted five jalapeno and four tomato plants.  They are doing well and hopefully will take off and produce some fruit this year. 

In another area of the yard, I planted eggplant and squash.  They are growing but they only get a little sun, so not sure they are going to do so great.  We will see.

Candy made Clark and me hats to commemorate our hike in Phantom Canyon.  They are pretty sweet and a very thoughtful gift.  Here I am, posing for a picture with mine.

So the last couple weeks, we have just been working around the yard each weekend.  It has been really hot.  I blew up the pool and filled it with water and placed in in the only flat area that we have in our yard.  

When I needed to cool off from planting I would hop in the pool.   Yes, I am such a goober, but what can you do.  It was hot.

The yard is looking pretty good this year and excited about all the berries.  Hopefully all the new plants this year will take.   

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